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In a Nutshell
SUSI2 in a Nutshell

Field of view  5.5'x5.5'
Pixel scale  0.0805 +/- 0.0002 arcsec/pixel
Detector  Two 2kx4k CCDs (#45 and #46)
Read-out time  56 seconds (1x1 binning)
16 seconds (2x2 binning)
Read-out noise  4.7 e-/pixel (CCD#45)
4.6 e-/pixel (CCD#46)
(Inverse) gain  ~2.25 e-/ADU
Full-well capacity  ~150,000e-
Telescope aperture  3.5 m
Telescope focus  Nasmyth A (f/11)
Raw data format  MEF FITS file
35.2 Mbyte/file (1x1 binning)
8.8Mbyte/file (2x2 binning)

Orientation of the SUSI2 detectors

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