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SuSI2 Calibration Plan

SuSI2 Standard Calibration Plan

The standard calibration plan defines the minimal set of calibrations which are taken by the support astronomer during each night a service mode program is executed without need for the PI to submit the corresponding OBs. Any calibration other than the ones described in this page must be explicitly requested via README file and the corresponding OB must be submitted.

SuSI2 Standard Calibration Plan covers the following instrument modes:

Standard Filters, i.e: U#810, B#811, V#812, R#813, I#814
Binning: 1x1 and 2x2

Within the modes described above, the following calibration frames are taken:

Day-time: 9 BIAS per binning
5 Dome FF per filter per binning
Night-time: at least 3 standard star fields

NOTE: SKY FF are not included in the Standard Calibration Plan, due to the possible large amount of twilight calibrations needed by the 3 NTT instruments during service mode nights. However sky FF are usually taken, on a best effort basis.

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