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SUSI2 Documentation

This page contains links to in depth documentation and reports for the SUSI2. You only need to dig through here if you can't find what you are after on the main SUSI2 webpages, and even then, you are probably better off emailing ls-susi with your question since some of this information is out of date.

SUSI2 Online User Manual (August 2002)
        Note: Almost all this information is now contained in the main SUSI2 webpages

Current SUSI2 Templates (2001)
Old SUSI2 Templates for reference only - pre-P68

July 2003: Information on Badpixel Masks for SUSI2 and other optical imagers at La Silla.

March 2006: Information on CRPIX values for SUSI2 in double windowing mode.

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Last modified: Wed Nov 05 2003 

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