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As of July 1, 2002, the Telescope Teams are merged into the "La Silla Science Operation Department". The main email address to contact us is

lasilla @ eso.org

This  address is constantly checked, and your email will be forwared to the relevant group or person. Please refrain to using the other and former email addresses.

SciOp is divided in various "Instrument Forces" (IFO), listed below, grouping the various "Instrument Cores" (an Instrument Scientist and an Instrument TIO each) of related instruments.  You can contact directly one of the Instrument Force for questions that releated to one of its instruments.

Observing mode




Email ls-imaging
  • WFI
    • F.Selman (WFI Instrument Scientist) 
    • P. Amado (WFI Second Instrument Scientist) 
    • M.Martinez (WFI Instrument TIO, Serv. Obs. TIO)
    • K.Aubel (Serv.Obs. TIO)
  • SuSI2  
    • M. Stefanon (Main SuSI2 Scientist)
    • V. Ivanov (Second SuSI2 Scientist)
    • K.Aubel (SuSI2 Instrument TIO)
    • F.Labrana (SuSI2 2d)

Visible Spectro Imagers

Email ls-spectro
  • EMMI
    • E.Pompei (EMMI Scientist)
    • D.Castex (EMMI TIO)
    • K.Aubel (EMMI second)
  • EFOSC2
    • I. Saviane
      (EFOSC2 Scientist)
    • L.Schmidtobreick
    • C. La Fuente (EFOSC2 TIO


Email ls-infrared

(* ADONIS decommissioned 2002 Jul.29)
  • TIMMI2
    • M. Sterzik (TIMMI2 Scientist)
    • I.Saviane
    • E.Matamoros (TIMMI2 TIO)
    • A.Gonzalez (TIMMI2 2d)
  • SofI
    • V.Ivanov (SofI Scientist)
    • M.Pizarro (SofI TIO)
    • A.Sanchez (SofI TIO 2d)

High-Resolution Spectroscopy

Email ls-hires
    • J.Pritchard (FEROS Scientist)
    • M.Martinez (FEROS TIO)
    • C.LaFuente (FEROS 2d)
    • G.LoCurto (HARPS Scientist)
    • A.Gonzalez (HARPS TIO)
    • G.Roman (HARPS 2d)

  • CES
    • T.Dall (CES Scientist)
    • G.Roman (CES TIO)
    • A.Gonzalez (CES Second TIO


Email ls-telescopes
Main telescopes: Auxiliary telescope:
  • M.Sterzik

  • J.Miranda (NTT TIO)
  • D.Castex (NTT 2d)
  • J.Cortes (3p6 TIO)
  • E.Matamoros (3p6 2d)
  • F.Labrana (2p2 TIO)
  • M.Castillo (2p2 2d)

  • J.Miranda (DIMM TIO)
  • A.Sanchez (DIMM TIO Second)

Other instruments / telescopes

In operation:

Decommissionned instruments:

Decommissioned Telescopes:

*: B&C/1.52 was operated by ESO till the end of Period 69, i.e 30 Sep. 2002. It was then be operated by Brazil till 31 Dec. 2002
** DFOSC/1.54 was operated by ESO till the end of P.69, i.e. 30 Sep.2002. It will then be operated only by Denmark with some suport from SciOps.
These are not operated by ESO anymore.


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