Thermal Infrared Multimode Instrument


Useful Tools

General Information

Data reduction tools at the telescope
*TIMMI-2 field orientation * read TIMMI data cubes ( until Mar 2001, IDL procedure)
* List of (23 bright) MIR calibration standard stars * read TIMMI data planes ( from Apr 2001, IDL procedure)
* List of (1216 faint) MIR astro-photometric standard stars * modified online reduction pipeline.
* Magnitude/Flux/Jansky converter (from ST-ECF, simple)
*Magnitude/Flux/Jansky simulator (NICMOS tool, very good!) * Experiments with TIMMI2 flatfielding procedures
*Quick Guide to setting Chop/Nod parameters

M-IR synthetic atmospheric spectra (2600m, 1mm H2O)
*Q-band wavelength range (16-24 µm) (table, graph)

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Last update: 12 Aug 2002 
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