Thermal Infrared Multimode Instrument


TIMMI-2 Observing Preparations

TIMMI-2 is offered to the community from ESO Period 66 onward for observations in visting mode and service mode (as allocated night). Please consult our WWW pages for the currently supported instrument modes.

Observers are asked to contact the TIMMI2 support astronomer (beeper 93-03) in the afternoon of their first night, not before. Introductions to visiting astronomers and the preparation of their nightly observations will start around 16:00. Observers will then be introduced to P2PP in the VLT-context which helps them preparing their observating blocks.

Note that for safety reasons TIMMI-2 is being supported for scientific observations only between astronomical (-18 deg) twilight, as all other instruments at the 3p6 telescope.

All observers are welcome to contact the TIMMI-2 science team in advance of their scheduled observations in order to clarify their observing strategy:

Hans-Ulli Kaeufl (TIMMI2 hardware) hukaufl@eso.org

Ralf Siebenmorgen (performance, sensitivity) rsiebenm@eso.org

Vanessa Doublier ls-infrared@eso.org

Gaspare Locurto (on-site support) ls-infrared@eso.org

Ivo Saviane (on-site support) ls-infrared@eso.org

Send comments to <ls-infrared@eso.org>
Last update: 10 Apr. 2001 
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