Thermal Infrared Multimode Instrument


Links to other MIR instruments/sites

VLT Paranal: VISIR (VLT Mid Infrared Spectrometer/Imager)
KECK-Observatory: LWS (Long Wavelength Spectrometer)
LWIRC (Long Wavelength Infrared Camera)
Subaru: COMICS (Cooled Mid Infrared Camera and Spectrograph)
GEMINI-North: Michelle (a mid-infrared Echelle spectrograph and imager)
GEMINI-South: OSCIR (mid IR imager/spectrometer, already in use at 4m CTIO telescope)
T-RECS (Mid IR Imager/Spectrometer for Gemini South)
Mt. Palomar 200 inch: SpectroCAM (mid IR Camera and Spectrograph)

For details (status, technical specs. etc.) consult their web-pages. In addition there are a variety of small "travelling" instruments which are in exclusive possession of individuals or groups. 


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