Thermal Infrared Multimode Instrument

TIMMI2 Calibration measurements

A monitoring program is ongoing to measure the sensitivity and zero points of TIMMI2.

The targets have been taken from the list of ESO Mid-infrared calibration standard stars.

Imaging of the sources is usually performed with cycles of 20" chopping and nodding throw.


The analysed images are taken from the final pipeline product (chopping and nodding correction). The major number corresponds to the observing date. The integration time is defined as

Itime [sec] = DIT x NDIT x NNOD x NVIDEO x 2

Overheads are not taken into account. We list the airmass at the time of the observation, and the filter used, as well as the theoretical flux F_theo in Jansky. From aperture photometry on the detected positive and negative sources we derive a mean countrate CR in ADU/sec. Then we calculate the sensitivity (or conversion factor) according to

conv [mJy*sec/ADU] = F_theo / CR * 1000

Finally we give the expected flux limit for a 10 sigma detection of a point source within 1 hour of observing time, assuming an ideal background limited performance (S/N prop. sqrt(Itime)).

Table of all standard star observations since Jan 2001

Graph (2004 -)

Graph (2003)

Graph (2002)

Graph (2001)

Graph (2001 -)


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Last update: 14 Jun 2005
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