Dr. Hans-Georg Reimann at the 3.6m telescope in La Silla - May 2000
Jena, May 29 2000

During a working stay of many weeks at the La Silla European Southern Observatory in Chile, our collegue

Dr. Hans-Georg Reimann,

found death during the week-end of May 27/28 after a very bad car accident.

In loosing Mr Reimann, we lost a friendly and always happy collegue. We will miss his sincere helpfulness and shining optimism!

Mr Reimann was an astronomer with a brillant education and an estensive experience in many domains of our field. This knowledge was passed on through the teaching obligations that he undertook. I am especially thinking of the astonomical training that he created and leaded with pleasure for many years. 
Above all, the development of the infrared camera-system TIMMI2 (for the ESO in La Silla/Chile) relied on Mr Reimann. This instrument was to be our successful entrance into instrument development and their utilisation for new measurement experiences.

Werner Pfau
Astrophysikalisches Institut &


 Memorial translated by N. Ageorges (3.6m team)