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Project Overview

Built under ESO contract by: Observatoire de Genève
Observatoire de Haute Provence
Universität Bern
Service d'Aéronomie
with substantial deliveries by ESO-La Silla, ESO-ODT, ESO-INS
Funded by Swiss National Science Foundation
Federal Office for Education and Research
La Région Provence, Alpes et Côte d'Azur
Institut National des Sciences de l'Univers INSU
Principal Investigator Michel Mayor (Geneva)
Project Scientists Didier Queloz (Geneva), Luca Pasquini (ESO Garching)
Project Managers Francesco Pepe (Geneva), Gero Rupprecht (ESO Garching)
Location La Silla 3.6m telescope, coudé west room
Project status Instrument available to the community (since 01/10/2003)
Instrument Science Team Joergen Christensen-Dalsgaard/Aarhus, Dainis Dravins/Lund, Martin Kürster/MPIA-Heidelberg, Artie Hatzes/Tautenburg, Francesco Paresce/ESO, Alan Penny/RAL
Work done by the HARPS Team

Science Objectives


May 1998 Announcement of Opportunity
February 2000 project kickoff
July 2000 Preliminary Design Review
March 2001 Final Design Review
December 2002 Preliminary Acceptance (Europe)
January 2003 Installation at La Silla
February 2003 Commissioning 1
March 2003 First Call for Proposals (for Period 72)
June 2003 Commissioning 2
October 1st 2003 Instrument offered to the community.

Technical publications from and on HARPS

The Exoplanet Hunter HARPS: unequalled accuracy and perspectives towards 1cm/s precision (Aveiro SPIE conference, September 2006) .pdf, 340kB

The Exoplanet Hunter HARPS: performance and first results (Glasgow SPIE conference, June 2004) .pdf, 305kB .ps.gz, 284 kB

HD330075b: a new hot Jupiter

ESO Messenger 114 (December 2003): Setting New Standards with HARPS (.pdf, 1.1 Mb)

ESP Press Release 06/03 (March 2003): "First Light" for HARPS at La Silla: Advanced Planet-Hunting Spectrograph Passes First Tests With Flying Colours

ESO Messenger 110 (December 2002): HARPS - ESO's coming planet searcher (.ps.gz, 1 Mb)

SPIE conference Waikoloa (August 2002): Performance Verification of HARPS: First Laboratory Results (ps.gz, 2.5Mb)

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