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Prepare the files: put them in a directory

On the linux machine w3p6drl:

Make space if required: remove old CD images from directory /scratch/test/ (or whatever directory is set up in xcdroast for the temporary CD images).

Make a directory in /scratch/guest/ (e.g. 2001-07-21) and put the files to be backed up in there. If the files are not on w3p6drl, one can

ftp w3p6off (login as astro)
cd /data/raw/2001????
mget *

You can optionally gzip the files to save space. Do a du -sk to check the size. If the files occupy over 650 MB of disk space, put them in subdirectories (eg. disk1, disk2 etc). Remember to copy the logfile across (there may be a copy in the $\sim$/ directory on w3p6drl).

ls-spectro 2002-01-16