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CES Pipeline Upgrade Project

The CES quick-look-to-pipeline upgrade

The CES quick-look tool (now the pipeline) provides a quick way to check the quality of the data. It is a background task running on the offline data reduction terminal so the data are automatically reduced and displayed in real time. The program will perform a rough bias subtraction and a linear wavelength fit before displaying the resulting spectrum in units of S/N, providing an immediate measure of the data quality.

The quick-look tool is not producing science quality data, and even for the LiSca analysis the rough calibration has proved inadequate.

User requirements for the upgrade

In order to be compliant with the User Requirements imposed on LiSca, the quick-look tool needs to be upgraded to a pipeline, meaning that it must provide usable, although not necessarily optimised, reduced spectra. This work has been undertaken by A. Ederoclite during March 2005.

The most important points that must be fulfilled are the following:
  • Better wavelength calibration
    • The wavelength solution must provide an accuracy better than 0.001 AA over the covered spectral range.
    • This accuracy must be accomplished in a automatic or semi-automatic way, with a minimum of interaction required
  • Proper bias and dark correction
    • To account for the bias instability, the dark and bias corrections must use the overscan information on every obtained science frame

The following are desired, non-critical improvements:
  • Better flatfielding

Project status

  • January 2005: User Requirements produced.
  • March 2005: Working version produced by A. Ederoclite, fulfilling the User Requirements. Final on-sky, live commissioning pending ;-)
  • April 2005: New pipeline successfully commissioned on-sky!

Pending issues...

  • documentation still lacking (high priority)
  • "dirty" exit or crash leaves cluttered processes. Need better clean-up (high priority)
  • Check for correct date (high priority)
  • mixing 4x1 and 1x1 observations will crash the pipeline (low priority)
  • still only "simple" flatfielding available (low priority)

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