Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2004 12:20:26 -0300
From: Luca Sbordone 
To: Thomas Dall 
Subject: User requirements
To resume the present state of the work in reference to the user requirements:

- Scattered light calculation should be done in automatic or semi-automatic way...
Calculation is presently semi automatic: user should decide which spectrum is going to be used, but all and only the solar spectra obtained in the chosen date are made recognized and made available.

- The core implementation should be written in midas and be fully usable...
Midas lacks a powerful enough toolset for automatic line/continuum fitting. So we relied on Daospec. All the rest of the implementation uses Scisoft software (smongo) or standard linux software (perl).

- All measuerments sould be stored in a database(file)...
The task produces a main output file containing the measurements, the resulting scattered light, the characteristics of the file from which the data come and so on. It also produces a ps copy of the scattered light vs. labda graph in the analyzed spectral range, and save the actual EW measurements alongside with the rest. All the files are named consistently.

- It must be easy to perform analysis on the database...
The output comes in very small ascii files and every line is clearly labelled, so that very simple perl/shell scripts can be used to mine the data and produce any needed kind of graph or statistics.  The specifical scripts have still to be written, they will depend on what the end users will actually want to see.

- The language used for the visualization part must be included in scisoft... hardcopies should be obteinable in ps format
The "main" plot (SL vs. lambda) is already produced also in ps format at the time the calculation is performed. All the visualization routines are (and will for any further improvement) written in SM, the users will require. SM is obviously included in scisoft.




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