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CES Total System Efficiency

The Total System Efficiency of the CES (including telescope, fibers, CCD) is monitored across time. Only the high-resolution slicer is monitored.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, not all measurements were done in good seeing and photometric conditions. By clicking on the table links, you will see a listing of the measured efficiencies: the format is three columns containing wavelength (nm), efficiency (%) and seeing (arcsec). The figure links are plots of the efficiency versus wavelength.

The Nov.1999 is the originally measured efficiency. Since then a new fiber has been commissioned which is much more efficient, especially in the blue. Also the re-alignment of the instrument in 2002, and the new M2-unit installed in 2004, improved the performance.

Measurements for the High-resolution image slicer.
Date eff @ 540nm (%) Weather table? figure?
1999 Nov. 5.8 OK no table fig.
2001-11-23 6.2 OK no table fig.
2001-12-12 6.4 OK no table fig.
2002-01-19 5.7 not phot. no table fig.
2002-03-24 4.5 cirrus no table fig.
2003-01-13 5.5 not phot. no table fig.
2003-08-15 7.4 OK table fig.
2004-05-14 5.9 not phot. no table no fig.
2004-08-31/09-01 5.8 OK table fig.
2005-03-17 3.9 not phot. table fig.
2006-11-17/18 4.3 not phot., bad seeing table fig.

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