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CES Public Data: Extra calibrations you may need

On this page you will find two types of CES data:
  1. Pipeline products of Solar Spectra, that you may use to correct for scattered light. We are continously adding data in order to eventually cover all CES setups. In the beginning you will find only data for the most frequently used settings here. Note that in the far red, fringing is so severe that the pipeline cannot remove it. For this reason we do not provide the reduced data for these wavelengths.
  2. Raw data to enable you to produce, in your own way, a combined Solar Spectrum. The raw data contains science frames, biases, flats and arcs, in addition to a logfile and a README file. These datasets will also serve as an excellent excercise for the aspiring CES user!
All Solar Spectra are sunlight reflected from one of Jupiters moons, in most cases Ganymede. Spectra obtained on the daytime sky are useless, since the flat illumination of the fiber produces excessive amounts of scattered light in the instrument. For details, see the description of the scattered light monitoring and the monitoring database.

Solar Spectra (reduced data)

Solar Spectra (raw data)

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