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Environmental Monitor
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Environmental Monitor

General Description

The MPG/ESO 2.2-m and the Danish 1.54-m have identical temperature and humidity measurement systems installed (although sensors are in different locations). Every 5 minutes, the telescope focus and environmental sensors are read by the EnvMonTX csh script. The script updates a local data file with the new readings and uses rcopy to move the file to the meli web server.

The EnvMonTX script is started on w2p2tcs and on ins1d5 by the .login file. If you believe that the EnvMonTX scripts has stopped for some reason, you may restart by typing: source ~/.login on the appropriate WS (Danish: ins1d5, 2p2: w2p2tcs), or by simply logging into the WS.

On meli (the LS web server) a csh script runs which uses a C-program to build the HTML page and make the plots for the environmental monitors. The C-program uses pgplot libraries for the plotting, and can be compiled with different header files for the 2p2 and 1p54 Telescopes (in contrast to the La Silla meteomonitor which uses Fortran with supermongo libraries). The C program takes care that very bad data (which occurs if the VME is being rebooted when an attempt is made to read the sensors) is rejected. Also, occasionally there are glitches -- a data point may deviate significantly from surrounding points. If this happens, the point is plotted, but the graph limits are determined excluding the deviant point.

After the page is built, the script checks every minute whether the data file has been updated. After an update, the shell script builds a new page and creates new plots. The current and previous gif files are kept so that files referred to by a page which has not yet refreshed remain. The scripts which build the monitor pages are started every time a login is made to meli. If you believe that the script is not running, either log in to meli or type (on meli): source ~/.login (Note: only team members have the meli password).

Note that the HTML page generated re-loads itself every 5 minutes, hence the user need only load the page into a browser once.

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