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2p2-m Telescope
VA's account on the OFF machine


The w2p2off machine is intended for the Visiting Astronomer's usage. Its main purpose is to serve as a source for data reduction and image analysis. Its got all the scientific software required in order to fulfill all the needs of a VA, such as Midas, Iraf, Xephem, Gasgano, etc.

This machine has three accounts: operator, e2p2ops, astro. Visiting Astronomer will work with the astro account exclusively.

All data arriving from the w2p2dhs machine will be stored in the directory /data/raw/ on the astro account. The proper directory will be created automatically at the beginning of each night: e.g. /data/raw/2001-09-10. If the VA wishes to perform on-line reductions, he must do so in the proper directory, for this case the directory is: /data/reduced/ on the same astro account.

At the end of the night the VA has has to fill in the BackUp request form, so that all his data can be saved to tape by the day TIO (Telescope Instrument Operator). Please read our BackUp Policy for VA's at the 2.2/WFI .

Only two night's worth of data can be kept on this machine's disk (about 360 files), the day TIO must leave as much disk space available as possible for the coming night, he is entitled to clean up disk space as he sees necessary.

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