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Obeserving with WFI Backup Policy

Back Up Policy for Visiting Astronomers at the 2.2 WFI

Version 1.2, 2006-03-15

As of P75 all WFI backups for visiting astronomers are done ONLY in USB disks formatted ext2 (Linux). The disks need to be returned to La Silla within 3 months of reception, and in the same box and with all the accesories that the original disk package included. The actual backups are handled by the La Silla Sciops Data Handling group. There is a single entry point for the backup request that needs to be filled by the support astronomer with the help/input of the visiting astronomer BEFORE THE START OF THE RUN. The entry point to the backup request form can be found here.

Disregard all information below.

Version 1.1, 2004-11-01

As of Period 75 all the WFI backups for visiting astronomers (VAs) will be done ONLY in USB disks formatted ext2 (Linux). We will keep our DAT tape backup policies, detailed below, only until the end of P74. The VAs with runs between now (2004-11-01) and the end of P74 can also solicit backup on USB disks. THESE DISKS ARE PROVIDED FOR A PERIOD NO LONGER THAN 6 MONTHS, AFTER WHICH THE DISKS MUST BE RETURNED TO LA SILLA.

At the 2.2 WFI telescope we ask our VAs to read the following back-up policy very carefully, in order to avoid confusion or misunderstanding regarding back ups at the 2.2m.

VAs will be given ONLY DAT tapes, with the RAW DATA from the previous night. He will also be given a listing with the files on that tape. He is responsible for checking that all files of interest are in that list. Requests for further files will be treated as a late back up, if not done within 24h from the time he receives the tape and listing.

If there is no back up request in the control room in the morning, it will be assumed that NO back up is wanted. Requests for back ups from nights other that the previous one WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If we are in the situation in which a VA requests such a late back up we will at the most facilitate him a DLT with the night in question and he will be responsible for the actual backing up to a DAT tape.

There WILL NOT BE any "end of run" backups.

The backing up of REDUCED data is the responsibility of the VA. He should do this by 4P.M. of the last day at the latest because all his files and directories will be purged from the w2p2off machine if disk space is needed.

TIOs and introducing astronomers should make this very clear.


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