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Fringing pattern in I for the MPG/ESO 2.2-m Telescope


This page contains fringing patterns for the WFI through filter Ic/lwp (#845) and I/203-ESO879.
The images are kept as mosaic fits files.
They have been created in the following way:

So far we do not know how variable the pattern is. The intensity varies a lot, but the shape seems to be quite stable. We plan to do more measurements in the next future to clarify this point. If you have taken WFI images in I that show a very strong fringing pattern, let us know as we could use them for this analysis. With the average fringing pattern provided here it should be possible to correct down to 2% of the sky level.

[*] Ic/Iwp(845): February 2001 (.fits.gz file, 213MB) (created out of 167 images)

[*] I/203_ESO879: February 2003 (.fits.gz file, 218MB) (created out of 111 images)

How to correct for fringing?

Fringing is an additive pattern, hence it has to be subtracted from the images after the pattern has been scaled to the actual value of the fringing in the image.


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