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[Info] 31.3.97 The ESO 50cm Telescope has now been shut down.


The ESO 50cm
telescope at La Silla is a fork mounted f/15 Cassegrain telescope in operation since early 1969. The instrument consists of a conventional single-channel photometer with changeable photomultipliers (See the Schematic Layout). Stars up to the 12th magnitude in V can be centered automatically in the diaphragm to better than 1" without user interaction.

In 1993, a new automated acquisition system was installed. Both the telescope and the photometer are now controlled from a Personal Computer. This PC is connected to the VME microcomputer working with the Versados operating system.

The acquisition program itself is called MONI and runs under the Versados environment. It makes use of two data files created by the observer, a catalogue file containing the star coordinates and a command file containing a sequence of observing and logical instructions.


There are currently four photomultipliers available.

Technical Documentation

ESO 50cm Users Manual
Sample Catalogue File
Sample Command File

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