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2p2-m Telescope
The Dutch 91cm Telescope

Limited Support at the Dutch Telescope

Due to manpower constraints the Dutch telescope is not fully supported by the 2p2team. As a general rule, no introduction will be given to the visiting astronomers at the telescope and the operational support in the night is limited until 23LT.

We strongly recommend that the observer reads the manual of the telescope and instrument very carefully and makes her/himself familiar with the operational environment immediately upon arrival at La Silla, i.e. at least one day before the start of her/his observing run.

The members of the 2p2team are available for advice and operational support during this period and also in advance through email ( 2p2team@eso.org ).

Differential Autoguiding

Due to technical problems in the autoguider control differential autoguiding on moving targets is not supported at the Dutch telescope until further notice. Differential track is still available, but is not recommended for longer exposure times on moving targets.

Dutch 90cm: Overview

The Dutch telescope was installed at La Silla in 1979 after being at Hartebeespoortdam in South Africa for many years equipped with a Walraven photometer. It is a reflecting telescope built by Rademakers of Rotterdam, Netherlands in the 1950's. In 1991 the telescope was re-equipped with a CCD and a Cassegrain Adapter with two filter wheels and an autoguider. The telescope is capable only of direct imaging onto a CCD; no spectroscopy is possible with this telescope. The telescope and instrument are operated from a room downstairs in the building. The CCD exposures, filter selection, and data acquisition are done from a workstation.

The telescope is of Dall-Kirkham design; that is an elliptical primary mirror and a spherical secondary mirror. A diagram of the optical layout of this telescope is available. The primary mirror has a diameter of 91cm, is f/3.52 and the telescope is f/13.75. The Cassegrain plate scale is 16.52 arcseconds per mm.

An extensive Users Manual for the Dutch telescope is available. There are also some Memos and Notes which will be of interest to observers.

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