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Why a Quality Management System in La Silla Observatory?
• Because with the implementation of a formal Quality Management System it will be possible to improve the efficiency of our work and the services provided to the astronomical community of ESO.
• Because doing this, we can keep La Silla competitive.
• Because many efficient companies already implemented it, in order to survive in today’s extremely competitive world. Even in Chile the total number of ISO 9000 certified Companies is close to 400.
Because for ESO Employees such an experience will be valuable. Having worked in a certified ISO 9001:2000 enterprise can make a difference when applying for a new job.
• Because it frees resources.
• Because customers want it (it is not the case of ESO… yet).
• Because if we are not the first in applying them in astronomy… others will do it.
Does a glossary exist?
• Yes, a glossary in pdf format exists

What is ISO 9001:2000?
• ISO, means International Organization for Standardization. It was created in 1947 and it is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Its purpose is to facilitate and to support the international trade by developing standards that makes products acceptable by people around the world. ISO develops these standards through the participation and the support of experts form member countries. The countries represented in the International Organization for Standardization are at the moment 127.
The ISO standards are developed by technical committees where agreement is reached by consensus. The people who participate in these technical committees come from national organizations of standards. Consequently, ISO standards use to enjoy world-wide support.

Which it is the Management goal with respect to ISO9001:2000?
• To comply with ISO 9001:2000 requirement and achieve certification.
How is going to be implement the Quality Management System?
• The first step towards the certification was the decision of LSO Management to implement a Quality Management System complying with the ISO 9001:2000 requirements. The second step was to prepare a Quality Manual and train a Lead Auditor (GAN). Later, a consultant (AM&P) was contracted in order to get guidance in the process. With the support of Jorge Bravo, Quality Manager of AM&P, we have implemented a series of activities that will bring us to the certification at the beginning of 2004.