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The He-Ar-Fe-Ne shows a region crowd of lines (in particular Fe lines) in the blue region. It may be helpful to have a high resolution spectra of the calibration lamp in order to disentangle which are the prominent lines in a blended multiplet. In this page we present a He-Ar-Fe-Ne spectra as observed by mean of FEROS. Exposure time was 10 minutes. The spectral resolution is about 0.1 Å and the spectral range is from about 3600Å to 9200Å. The spectra is available in different formats:

bdf file (MIDAS 96NOV)
Fits file
tbl file (MIDAS 96NOV)
fits table
ASCII file

(1) The column "Intensity" give the intensity of lines as measured on this spectra (FEROS). The intensities may be different from the tables obtained with the B&C, but the relative intensities of contiguous lines is valid.
(2) Lines bluer than 3600Å are not calibrated in intensity.

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