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Using FEROS DRS at home



Software Info : MIDAS 98NOV

The Midas NOV98 release contains the complete FEROS context. In order to use the following MIDAS procedure, you then need to have the Nov98 MIDAS version installed. The context differs slightly form the installed version at the telescope. On ins1p5 (DRS workstation for FEROS), the MIDAS version is Nov97 and the FEROS context has been added. The main difference between the 2 installations resides in the name of the commands : The correspondance between the Nov97+Feros context and Nov98 is the following :

Nov 97 + Feros context   Nov98


Software Info : MIDAS 98NOV, 99NOV...

Some errors have to be corrected in the MIDAS 99NOV release to be able to use the FEROS context.

The file colmean.exe has to be in the directory 99NOV/contrib/exec/ instead of the directory 99NOV/stdred/exec/ .

The file ferosmerge.prg in 99NOV/stdred/proc should be replaced by the following one : ferosmerge.prg

Do the same for 98NOV except of course replace 99NOV in the above with 98NOV.


MIDAS Procedures

In order to use the same Data Reduction Software as at the telescope, you will have to install the following set of Midas procedure in your midwork directory.

Put this archive in your midwork directory and use the command gzip -dc proc.tar.gz | tar xvf - to extract the MIDAS procedures.

Two versions of login.prg are provided, login.prg.97NOV and login.prg.98NOVpl2.2. Rename the appropriate one to login.prg, e.g. mv login.prg.98NOVpl2.2 login.prg. Use login.prg.98NOVpl2.2 for all versions of MIDAS after 97NOV.

Guess session

During your observing run, you have saved a guess session. It is the moment to restore it with the command @@ getarchive NNNN where NNNN stands for the number of your guess session. If you forgot to save one guess session, you can use the following one : guess9857 . Use the getarchive command as above to convert the FITS files into MIDAS table (tbl) and image (bdf) files.

Reduction of the data

You have first to set the FEROS Context with the command SET/CONTEXT FEROS.

  1. Your data are in FITS format ( for example, you ftp'd them directly on your machine )

  2. Your data are in bdf format (for example, you read them with the command INDISK/FITS )


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