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The Danish 1.54-m Telescope
Archive of utility programs/scripts

Below allows access to scripts and utility programs used at the DK 1.54-m which are not the responsibility of SWC or Eduardo Robledo.

Name Author What? Machine+dir Last modified Notes
Combined offset
tcscomoff.csh J.Storm, J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /usr/local/bin 10/03/1999 Combined offset of telescope and AG
point.prg Various midas prg ins1d5 /app/midas/94NOV/contrib/obs/proc 18/06/1998 MIDAS prg that calls up the tcscomoff.csh
Logging scripts
foc_db J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 31/10/1998 Logs measured focus and salient data
pfocus.prg J.Storm/J.Brewer midas prg ins1d5 /home/meteolog/midas 06/10/1998 MIDAS prg that calls foc_db
see_db J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 07/10/1998 Logs measured seeing and salient data
seeing.prg Various midas prg ins1d5 /home/meteolog/midas 06/10/1998 MIDAS prg that calls see_db
w2see_db.c J.Brewer C ins1d5 /home/meteolog/src 06/1998 Format program for seeing database
env_log J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 05/10/1998 Calling script for env_log.csh
env_log.csh J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 05/10/1998 Logs the 16 Temp and humidity sensors.
Wfits Scripts
wfits J.Storm c-shell ins1d5 /data/daisy/bin/ 13/01/1996 Calling script for wfits.csh
wfits.csh J.Storm c-shell ins1d5 /data/daisy/bin/ 13/01/1996 Write data to tape with dd
CCD Test Data Transfer
to_epu J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /data/daisy/bin/ 01/1999 Transfers CCD test data to epu.
Environmental Monitor
EnvMonTX J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 15/03/1999 Calling script for EnvMonTX.csh
EnvMonTX.csh J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 03/06/1999 Transmits meteo data to epu.
Makefile J.Brewer makefile ins1d5 /home/meteolog/src 05/06/1999 Makefile for below programs.
get_time.c Anon. C ins1d5 /home/meteolog/src ? Returns time in decimal years.
rdval.h J.Alonso C head ins1d5 /home/meteolog/src ? Used to read data from VME
rdval_clnt.c J.Alonso C ins1d5 /home/meteolog/src ? Used to read data from VME
rdval_main.c J.Alonso C ins1d5 /home/meteolog/src ? Used to read data from VME
rdval_xdr.c J.Alonso C ins1d5 /home/meteolog/src ? Used to read data from VME
Environmental Monitor
SurTemp J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 16/10/1998 Displays serriuer temperature
Automatic Observing Logs
ObsLog.csh J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 05/05/1999 Adds an entry to the log.
ObsLog.fmt J.Brewer text ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 06/05/1999 Defines log content and format.
ObsLog.man J.Brewer text ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 05/05/1999 Help for the ObsLog scripts.
ObsLog.prt J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 05/05/1999 Controls printing of log.
ObsLogD J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 05/05/1999 Produce log from files on a Disk.
ObsLogN J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 16/01/2000 Produce a log during the observing Night.
ObsLogT J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 05/05/1999 Produce a log from files on a Tape.
Updated Wfits Scripts
disk2tape J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 05/05/1999 Write files from disk 2 tape + book-keeping.
tape2disk J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 05/05/1999 Reads files from tape to disk, + book-keeping.
RestoreID J.Brewer c-shell ins1d5 /home/meteolog/scripts 05/05/1999 Restores original filename.

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