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The Danish 1.54-m Telescope
Optical Characteristics

DFOSC: Optical Characteristics

General Characteristics

Parameter Value
Collimator Focal Length 252.2mm
Collimator Linear Field 52.9x52.9mm
Camera Focal Length 146.3mm
Camera Linear Field 30.7x30.7mm
Reduction Ratio 0.58

Nominal Values on the Danish 1.54-m

Parameter Value
Input f-number 8.6
Output f-number 5.0
Input Scale 64.2 um/"
Output Scale 37.2 um/"
Field of View 13.7'x13.7'

The image quality is well matched to the current capabilities of the Danish telescope, and FWHM down to 0.8" have been reported. The distortion is reported to be 0.5% in the corners of the field, i.e. 9' from the field centre.

Please note that: (1) DFOSC uses 60mm circular filters, such filters will not vignet the field; and (2) the FASU requires 90mm circular filters for an unvignetted field. The use of 60mm filters in the FASU will lead to a circular field with a diameter of around 1600 pixels.

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