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The Danish 1.54-m Telescope
User Manual

Users' Manual

The current version of the Danish/DFOSC Users' Manual has incorporated user comments and an updated troubleshooting section.

The manual is available in two different formats:

It is possible to download individual figures and tables from the manual as postscript files. If you are planning to observe with DFOSC you are strongly encouraged to check out the DFOSC technical reports.


Here you will find some of the old versions of the Danish/DFOSC manual. These manuals are useful to check the previous parameters, such as the CCD R.O.N and gain etc.

Version 1.01, March 17 1997: This version of the manual is from before the CCD upgrade in April 1997. If your observations were made using the W11-4 Loral/Lesser CCD, this manual contains the CCD characteristics you need.

Version 1.01 is available in one format only:

Version 1.10 (the current version has only minor changes) is available in:

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