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The Danish 1.54-m Telescope

[Under Construction] This page is still under construction. It is hoped that in the future it will contain documentation pertaining to the Danish telescope that is in electronic format, and the location of other (non-electronic) documentation.


Instructions for running the ODT test on the DFOSC CCD

The ODT test for the DFOSC test requires a set of exposures to be run. This is not fully automated, and some intervention is required. Below are the instructions for running this test.

Communication Structure of the Danish 1.54-m Control System

This report is intended to be used by operations for troubleshooting the control system. The system is made up of a number of processes running on different computers (WSs, Linux PC, VMEs) and a description of their intercations may greatly facilitate the diagnoses of a failure. Author: G. Andreoni, Date: January 1997 (Note: ghostview has problems with this file, though it prints with no problems.

Interface to the Danish 1.54 TCS from the Unix Shell

This document describes the procedure for controlling the TCS and adapter from a unix shell. Also included in this document are all of the commands and syntax for controlling the TCS and autoguider. Author: G. Andreoni, Date: March 1997 (Revised April 1997).

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