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Technical Reports

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Danish 1.54-m and DFOSC:
Technical Reports

Below are reports on tests performed at the Danish 1.54-m. These reports are typically based on laboratory measurements, daytime measurements at the telescope, and on data obtained during test and reserved nights at the telescope and other data provided by observers.



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DFOSC Service Mission, 2001-Nov-01 to 2001-Nov-05 (Klougart , November 2001)

This report discusses work carried out in the course of the the DFOSC Service Mission.

MAT/EEV CCD 44-82 (Sorensen , September 2000)

This report discusses laboratory measurements made on the MAT/EEV 44-82 chip which was installed in DFOSC on 2000-Sep-20.

Properties of W7-(0,0) (Sorensen and Andersen, October 1997)

This report discusses laboratory measurements made on the W7 chip which is was installed in DFOSC from 1997-Apr-25 until 2000-Sep-20.

Test of CCD C1W7. (Storm and Augusteijn, 30 May 1997)

This report is based on observations made at the telescope after the installation of the CCD. Amongst otrher things, it discusses the CCD parameters, the Q.E. of the new CCD in comparison with the old, and the camera alignment.

CCD Upgrade (25 July, 1996)

Discusses the attempted upgrade of the BROCAM CCD. Outlines sensitivity, image quality and displays sample sky flats.

BROCAM Efficiency (15 Feb, 1996)

The following report gives the expected count rates in BVR and I for the BROCAM thinned but unflooded CCD W11-4. Formulas for computing on-line magnitudes are also given as well as the color terms. Measurements from Dec.95.

BROCAM Tests. II. (22 Nov, 1995)

The following report describes the test of the BroCam 2kx2k thinned Ford-Loral CCD and the quantum efficiency problems that plagues this chip.

BROCAM Tests. I. (18 Oct, 1995)

The following report describes the flat fields obtained with DFOSC and the BroCam 2kx2k Loral chip as well as the countrates which can be achieved with the UV-flooded chip. The UV flooding is no longer active, and these numbers are only upper limits for the current configuration!

Telescope and Related Systems

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Guiding and Focusing at the Danish 1.54-m Telescope (5 Mar, 1997)

This report was written by Michael Andersen and discusses the results from tests he made on the telescope focus and autoguider during Danish time in January 1997.

Differential Guiding at the Danish 1.54-m (12 Feb, 1996)

The following report deals with the differential guiding system and explains how to perform differential guiding with the current system.

Image Quality

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Image Quality Tests: Reports I and II (January 1997)

During the Danish time in January 1997 Michael Andersen and Stephane Guisard made tests of the image quality at the Danish telescope. The mirror cover had been lifted to allow tests to be performed with and without forced mirror ventilation.

Seeing campaign at the Danish. I. (5 Nov, 1996)

A campaign to improve the seeing at the Danish 1.54-m telescope is in prepartion and as a first step we are trying to quantify the current seeing performance of DFOSC mounted at the Danish telescope. The data for Oct.96 is presented as well as a short description of the current setup for building up the database. Observers are strongly encouraged to participate in this effort.

Software: TCS and DAISY

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DAISY: A Description of the Current Version, Current Problems, and Desiderata (12 Nov, 1997)

This report describes the version of DAISY in use at the Danish telescope. It is meant to be a starting point for the writing of user requirements for DAISY at the E2p2 (WFI) and the E1p5 (FEROS and BandC).

Requirements for a Program to Check Coordinate Validity

This report provides the blueprints for a program that will check that entered coordinates will not cause the telescope to preset into the limit.

TCS UIF: Final Acceptance (11 Apr, 1997)

This is the final acceptance report for the new TCS UIF.

DAISY Enhancements (17 Feb, 1997)

This report is the 2p2 Team's wish list of modifications to be made to DAISY at the Danish 1.54-m telescope. It is hoped that some of these changes will be implemented in early 1997.

TCS UIF: Further Suggestions (17 Feb, 1997)

This report describes further suggestions for improving the TCS UIF that came to light after several weeks of use.

TCS UIF Acceptance Report (17 Dec, 1996)

This document reports the results from the tests made to the new TCS UIF during the set-up night of 28/29 November 1996. Included in the document are several suggestions for how the TCS UIF might be improved.

Commissioning Plan for the New TCS UIF (27 Nov, 1996)

This document describes tests to be made to the new TCS UIF before being accepted for commisioning

DAISY Commissioning Report (26 Oct, 1996)

A new user interface, DAISY (Data Acquisition Integrated SYstem), is now in use at the Danish 1.54-m. DAISY integrates the control of the CCD Camera, the DFOSC (Danish Faint Object Spectroscopic Camera), the FASU (Filter And Shutter Unit), and the telescope focus control all into one package.


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Various. II. (17 Feb, 1997)

The following report investigates the seeing, focus and tracking at the Danish 1.54-m telescope, as well as the use of the coronographic mask.

Various. I. (5 Feb, 1996)

The following report investigates focusing, flexure, pointing, the slit transfer function of the new set of slits, wavelength calibration, fringing, gain test from spectroscopic flat fields, shutter delay and varia. It is based on data obtained Dec.95 and Jan.96.

Field Concentration with Focal Reducers (April 1995)

This paper describes the problems of field concentration in focal reducer type instruments like DFOSC, EFOSC and EMMI, i.e. problems with applying the correct flat field correction. It includes examples from DFOSC and EMMI. This paper was presented at the ESO-STSci workshop "Calibrating and understanding HST and ESO instruments" in April 1995 and published in the proceedings edited by P. Benvenuti and printed by ESO. The paper is by M.I.Andersen, L. Freyhammer, and J. Storm and can be found on page 87 in the proceedings.

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