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Reports on changes to the ESO/MPG 2.2-m telescope baffle

2.2-m telescope baffle reports

Because of the installation of new instruments the baffle of the 2.2-m telescope has undergone several modifications/improvement campaigns. The negative aspect of these changes is related to the introduction of configuration changes. Although a reduction to the scattered light properties of an instrument could be considered something positive, it is more important to insure that the instrument is calibratable. To this end we must minimize the number of such changes and introduce them only at the beginning of ESO observing periods. This does not avoid all the troubles associated with configuration changes as some programs extend over multiple periods, but it reduces the impact on the data reduction which otherwise would be unnecessarily complex. The positive aspect of the campaigns reported in these pages is that the characteristics of the telescope baffling have continuosly improved.

The first baffling improvement campaign occured during the adaptation of FEROS to the 2.2-m telescope. The resulting baffle showed a remarkable improvement compared to the previous configuration which had been on the 2.2-m telescope since WFI started operations. The second improvement campaign was due to the installation of GROND, and showed improvements over the FEROS one although not as large as those of the previous campaign. These are reported below in reverse chronological order.

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