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DFOSC/DK1.54-m Manual:
Access to Figures

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The DFOSC/DK1.54-m Manual contains a number of figures, many of which are useful for quick reference. This page will allow access to all of these figures. Note that many of the plots are rather large files (170kb) and it is much more efficient to download the gzipped version of the complete manual if you have a slow connection.

Fig. 1.1: DFOSC Safety Map
Fig. 1.2: Guide Probe Vignetting Map

Fig. 2.1: DFOSC Optical Layout
Fig. 2.2: CCD and TV Guide Camera Orientations
Fig. 2.3: A Dome Flatfield with Grism #8
Fig. 2.4: Flexure when Moving in R.A.
Fig. 2.5: Flexure when Moving in Dec.

Fig. A.1: DFOSC Optical Efficiency
Fig. A.2: Grism #3 Efficiency
Fig. A.3: Grism #4 Efficiency
Fig. A.4: Grism #5 Efficiency
Fig. A.5: Grism #6 Efficiency
Fig. A.6: Grism #7 Efficiency
Fig. A.7: Grism #8 Efficiency
Fig. A.8: Grism #9 Efficiency (1)
Fig. A.9: Grism #9 Efficiency (2)
Fig. A.10: Grism #10 Efficiency
Fig. A.11: Grism #11 Efficiency
Fig. A.12: Grism #12 Efficiency
Fig. A.13: Grism #13 Efficiency

Fig. B.1: Grism #8: Neon Spectrum
Fig. B.2: Grism #8: Calibrated Neon Spectrum
Fig. B.3: Grism #8: Non-Linear Part of Wavelength Solution
Fig. B.4: Grism #8: Residuals of Wavelength Solution
Fig. B.5: Grism #7: Neon Spectrum
Fig. B.6: Grism #7: Calibrated Neon Spectrum

Fig. C.1: Optimal Slit Position Angle for Eastern Objects
Fig. C.2: Optimal Slit Position Angle for Western Objects

It is also possible to download postscript files of the tables from the manual.

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