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2p2-m Telescope
ESO 1.52m Pointing Limitations

At the ESO 1.52m telescope a severe limitation for pointing is imposed by the southern pillar. The most serious limitation is that for declinations <= - 40° and >= +20°, it is impossible to observe before the meridian when the telescope is on the east side of the pillar and after the meridian when the telescope is on the west side. The only exception is when the object is within 30 minutes from the meridian, in which case it can be observed with the telescope at either side of the pillar (if >= -58°). For <= -40° observers should request that the telescope be parked on the west side of the pillar if their objects need to be observed before the meridian, and on the east side if the objects need to be observed after crossing the meridian. Changing the telescope from east to west and vice versa takes about 15 minutes and should try to be scheduled for while the TIO is available (i.e. before midnight).

NOTE: The software safety map for this telescope is currently disabled as it appears to have shifted from where it should be. This means that if you accidentally drive the telescope out of bounds, it will hit the hardware safety limit and the telescope will have to be recovered manually. It is best not to find yourself in this situation and you are encouraged to avoid it by consulting the following safety zone maps before moving the telescope. Remember, if you are moving from one position within a safe region to another position in a safe region BUT on the way you pass through a restricted zone, the telescope will still hit the hard limit.

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