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DFOSC/DK1.54-m Manual:
Access to Tables

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The DFOSC/DK1.54-m Manual contains a number of tables and the ones which are relevant for quick reference are available here.

Table 2.1: DFOSC Optical Characteristics
Table 2.2: Parameters for the CCD
Table 2.3: Count Rates
Table 2.4: Position and Size of the Occulting Spots
Table 2.5: Grism Characteristics
Table 2.6: Count Rates for Selected Grisms
Table 2.7: Grism #9 Order Wavelength Coverage
Table 2.8: Grism #13 Order Wavelength Coverage

Table 4.1: Relationship Between Rotator and Position Angles

Table B.1: HeNe Line List

Table C.1: Atmospheric Differential Refraction

Table G.1: Empty Fields

It is also possible to download postscript files of the figures from the manual.

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