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[/lsdos/eso3.6 Tree] Description

360cat public documentation repository is in doc3p6@meli:/pub and their sources on doc3p6@meli:/src. It has to be clear that public documents are either *.ps or *.pdf files

Archiving Procedure

As it is described on La Silla Documentation Plan procced as follow:

  1. Read La Silla Documentation Plan
  2. Ask for document identification to the telescope documentation officer
  3. After document approval and release, give to the officer one hardcopy to validate the document in agreement with La Silla Documentation Plan if it is Ok, provide the location to ftp the source and the web version on doc3p6@meli
  4. Officer have to use the Document Archive Support Schema for the Archive list update.
Note: The subdirectory pub on 360cat web tree is just a link to lsdocs/eso3.6/pub, e.i.
lrwxrwxr-x 1 doc3p6 users 18 Oct 7 2000 pub -> /lsdocs/eso3.6/pub

[ ESO 3.6m Web Tree] 360 Web directory Structure(README File)

This directory has the 360cat home page definitions: If you want to make changes in the html documents, please do it first off-line, then put it in the intrument directory.

Be careful with dreamweaver, please just pick the page to be modified or do a site backup before reinstalling it.

Currently the 3.60 Web-Master is


(lrwxrwxr-x 1 t3p6web w3lst3p6 360cat -> /home/web/lasilla/docs/lasilla/Telescopes/360cat)

Any new web subdirectory should have the same structure

- README : this file.

- index.html : It is the main html document

- images : put all your images here, *.gif, *.jpg, *.tiff, etc. Images that you need for your html documents goes here.

- docs : According to new eso web guide lines for html development all, the html pages and ascci files (*.txt *.dat *.ps *.pdf etc) linked by the index page. So, if you are creating new page please put it here.

- cgi : put all local cgi applications here.

- tmp : temporary test directory. Files will be removed in a monthly base


- gifs : Old gifs that should be moved to the "images" directory when the corresponding html be under the "docs" directory

- html : Old 3.60/Cat related html documents, except the main html document (index.html) which must be in the root directory (here) and the instruments pages (dedicated directories).


- adonis

- caspec

- efosc

- timmi

- ces

- Telescope


- CCDs : Detector performance monitoring measurement flat data base (Not a web subdirectory)

NB: DO NOT REMOVE the 360cat links mode

lrwxrwxr-x 1 t3p6web w3lst3p6 48 Mar 12 11:12 360cat -> /home/web/lasilla/docs/lasilla/Telescopes/360cat

lrwxrwxr-x 1 doc3p6 users 18 Oct 7 2000 pub -> /lsdocs/eso3.6/pub

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Last update: 09 Aug 2000 
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