Results for EMMI-RED

General notes

  • The images are not overscan subtracted nor trimmed since there is no standard trimsec or biassec
  • Multi-extension FITS image converted into a single FITS image via inemmi.prg
  • Very few defects in the EMMI-RED mosaic
  • The edge of the FOV (seen in the FLATHIGH.fits) is detected by This is not important though, since this area will have to be trimmed in the reduction process anyway.

Example Comparisons


  • The strong line down the middle is actually the break between the different CCDs. Although there are different levels detected in FLATLOWHIGH.fits, they are not picked up as bad columns.


  • Detects the real bad column on the left hand side
  • Detects the edge of the FOV and gaps between chips as well. However, this is not important since the image will have to be trimmed and the gap between the chips contains no scientific information.
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