Observer's Tools and Generic Standard Stars

Also check the Observing Tools and Services page in Science Users Information.

Positions, Airmass, Almanach...

  • Sky Calendar Tool: Sun rise, Sun set, twilights, Moon rise and set for one full month
  • Object Seasonal Observability: visibility of an object over a long period
  • Digital Sky Survey:
    • DSS-1 and -2, Full interface at Garching Headquarters
    • 2MASS all-Sky Infrared Survey
  • Airmass, Extinction coefficients, Parallactic angle...:
    • Airmasses Calculator: This tool provides hourly airmasses based on site, date, and object coordinates information. It provides tabular output.
    • Plots: Draws the airmass curves for a list of objects, for a given night
    • Extinction coefficients for La Silla (old danish 1.54m page)
  • Paralactic Angle Calculator, originally designed for 1.5Dk+DFOSC, but useful for any observations

Units Converters and Ephemeris

Fluxes, Magnitudes, Exposure Times, Filters

Standard Stars

This is definitely not a complete list. Some of the instruments have specific lists of standards.
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