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Note: These instructions are for 3.60m Team operations, and are not likely to be of interest to anyone else !

Updating the CCD Database

The procedure for updating the CCD pages is very simple. Provided below are step-by-step instructions.

To get a list of currently supported CCDs, simply type update and hit return. You will see a data file appear on the screen. Check that the most recent entry has been added, and the values look reasonable. Please note that there is no problem in executing the update command for any CCD again as it will just take the last data and re-generate the page as it already is.
If there is a problem contact either E. BARRIOS or R. ATHREYA.

  • The script will work for a couple of minutes, and finally produce an updated page.
    Please load the CCD Page into a browser to ensure all has worked.
    Please check also that Emails have been sent to "everybody".


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