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FEROS on the MPG/ESO-2.20m

Old News from FEROS on the MPG/ESO-2.2m News...

arrowbk 2005-06-16: FEIRA controller upgraded from VME Sparc to PCI Sparc with ZERO impact on CCD properties (see CCD Test results).
arrowbk 2005-03-16: Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector successfully installed and Commissioned.
arrowbk 2005-03-12: Standard ESO ETC now available for FEROS.
arrowbk 2004-12-16: FEROS data since 2003-Oct now available from ESO Archive.
arrowbk 2004-12-13: Calibration plan extended to include ThAr+Ne and domeflat exposures.
arrowbk 2004-07-10: Completely revised and (almost) fully updated User Manual
arrowbk 2003-Dec-01: FEROS-II and p2pp
arrowbk 2003-Nov-15: FEROS-II (i.e. VLT-compliant FEROS) ready
arrowbk 2003-Mar-17: Summary of FibreHead Upgrade & Commissioning-V
arrowbk 2003-Mar-15: Maximum Measured Peak Efficiency: 13%
arrowbk 2002-Nov-24: Summary of Commissioning-IV
arrowbk 2002-Nov-05: Summary of Commissioning-III
arrowbk 2002-Oct-25: Creation of this page
arrowbk 2002-Oct-24: First Light

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