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FEROS on the MPG/ESO-2.20m


Service Mode vs. Visitor Mode

Both WFI and FEROS Service Mode observations can be executed during any allocated Service Mode night at the MPI-2.20m telescope (see Phase II Instructions for Service Observing). Therefore FEROS must be ready to observe each Service Mode night, i.e. startup and DRS initialization.
During Visitor Mode nights FEROS only needs to be ready during nights scheduled for FEROS. That is to say, nothing to do for FEROS on nights scheduled as WFI VM nights, except that you do need to be sure that the M3 is in the WFI position. On FEROS VM nights however WFI should also be ready in case it is nescessary or desirable to use the WFI tracker chip for guiding.

General Daily TIO Procedures

The following daily TIO procedures are required for all Service Mode nights and all FEROS Visitor Mode nights.

Daytime TIO

In the morning...

  1. On wferos check FEROS OS is ONLINE.
    Startup if necessary, or if Telescope is offline, set FEROS OS to ignore telescope. Remeber to enable telscope again after startup of the telescope.
  2. If necessary run CALOB OB (i.e. nighttime TIO could not start it because VA was still taking special calibrations when nighttime TIO left RITZ).
  3. After completion of the CALOB OB, if it is before 12:00 midday, run daily linearity test OB (see CCDTests).
  4. After 12:15 midday local time and completion of CALOB... manage the FEROS VACDs, on w2p2off:
  5. After completion of the CALOB and daily linearity test OBs... On wferos as user feros run sciopsDskMgr
  6. On w2p2tcs as user cam
  7. On wferos check FEROS OS is ONLINE.
    Startup if necessary, or if Telescope is offline, set FEROS OS to ignore telescope. Remeber to enable telscope again after startup of the telescope.

In the afternoon...

  1. Perform daily telescope and instrument startups according to telescope checklists etc. This should be done asap after the daily meeting so as to allow sufficient time for both FEROS and WFI daytime calibrations, especially in winter. Please bare in mind the following guidelines:
  2. In the ferosDRS panel on w2p2off:

  3. Please note, it is essential that all of the steps in point 2 are carried out EACH and EVERY day.
    The ferosDRS panel is "passive" if you exit from the panel or for any reason it dies, the three processes ("Queue Images", "MIDAS DRS" and "Reduce Queued Images" ) continue to work. Simply restart the panel and the current status of the processes will be detected.

  4. After WFI and TCS startup, initialize the DRS.
    The initialisation takes about 45mins so should be started at least 2hrs before sunset.
    Ensure dome is DARK while taking calibrations
  5. 1hr before sunset take SolarSpectra:
  6. You and FEROS are now ready for the night...
Note: Until these procedures are properly updated providing all relevant information to allow the TIO to judge the quality of the initialisation, it is the responsibility of the Support Astro to judge which initialization is best.

Nighttime TIO

During the Night...

  1. As soon as possible, i.e. during twilight if weather conditions permit, focus the telescope
  2. Observe a spectrophotometric standard star from the OT FEROS Calibrations OT queue
  3. Operate telescope "as usual" for VA and/or in SM...
Some hints and tips....

At the end of the night

  1. Close down telescope as usual.
  2. CALOB (see Calibration Plan):
    Note: if it was the first night of a VA programme, append the "-v" option, i.e. feocalCalobBuild -v

Service Mode time

First some policy issues:
  1. All Calibration Plan and Service Mode OBs MUST be run by fetching them to Bob from OT. NEVER from p2pp.
  2. Use the OT queue called FEROS-CalibrationPlan for all calibrations. This queue holds all Calibration Plan OBs, i.e. StanCal DRS initialistaion OBs, and spectrophotometric Standard Star OBs.
  3. Service Mode programme OBs are now grouped in the USD managed SMTS.FEROS.A.TODAY, SMTS.FEROS.B.TODAY, SMTS.FEROS.C.TODAY OT queues.
  4. p2pp accounts. Please observe the following policy for use of p2pp accounts
More hints, tips and procedures for the 2.20m Service Mode astronomer for operating FEROS in SM to come, watch this space...

Visitor Mode time

Note a FEROS "Period" is a continuous block of nights allocated to FEROS consisting of one or more individual programmes.

Before a FEROS period

During a FEROS Period

For each new Visiting Astronomer


After a FEROS period

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